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I have been practicing law since 2009 and have represented more than a thousand individuals in criminal cases, divorces, child custody, juvenile court, personal injury, employment discrimination, and I am also a mediator. What sets me apart from other attorneys, besides my proven track record in the courtroom and out of the courtroom, is I see each client as a person who has unique issues. I will listen to what my client has to say and will provide my client with the best legal advice and representation possible. When you hire me as your attorney, you will know what the plan is for your case and you will receive regular updates. I have a unique background that includes being a clinical psychotherapist for 15 years, a mediator, a business owner/ law practice and a public defender for over 8 years. My preference is to meet with potential clients and answer questions versus listing everything on a website. I hope you will consider setting up a consultation so I can answer questions and we can determine if we are a good fit.

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209 South 2nd Street, Suite 307
Mankato, Minnesota 56001

(507) 720-6380

Areas of Practice


  • Represent individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony level charges

  • Pretrial motion practice experience

  • Trial experience

  • Appellate experience and post-conviction motion practice

  • Member of the NDACDL

  • June 2018 training Cardozo Law National Forensic College in Manhattan, New York sponsored by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Guest speaker on topics of DNA evidence and Computer Crimes


  • Mediating a family law issue is always a good first step and can save a lot of money and emotional pain

  • Advanced experience and training on family dispute issues - prior career was as a clinical psychotherapist (15 years) and have been a court appointed mediator for family court

  • Mediating business conflicts and other types of disputes


  • Represent individuals going through divorce, child custody disputes or establishment of custody, child support, juvenile court proceedings (allegations of neglect or abuse)


  • Personal injury

  • Employment issues

If we desire respect for the law we must first make the law respectable
— Louis D. Brandeis, supreme Court Justice

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